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Cody Clark Magic

Cody Clark is a professional magician and autism self advocate in Louisville, Kentucky. He needed to refresh his brand in order to meet new business goals, which included building brand awareness, increasing show rates, and attracting bigger corporate clients. I worked with Cody and his sales manager to establish a brand strategy, concept, logo, identity, web design/Wordpress implementation, digital executions, and collateral. 




Brand strategy | Identity system & guidelines | Web design & implementation




Cody performs magic shows for adults and children in addition to speaking engagements about autism. All of his performances encourage "a different way of thinking"—about life, autism, and magic. The brand needed to communicate this uniqueness while presenting him as an established, professional magician. 

Brand Concept

Cody Clark Magic grants people permission to radically be themselves. He allows people to savor the simple things in life, to connect with their most cherished memories, to bond over our commonalities, and to value different ways of seeing the world.

Using his experience with autism, Cody takes a personalized approach to his shows in order to help everyone feel included. Whether a corporate employee, a member of the autism community, or a delighted child seeing their first magic show, Cody makes sure everybody at every show is heard and celebrated.

The brand now tells Cody's unique story and has been carried through a professional, engaging identity and collateral. I designed across multiple touchpoints including digital ads, social media, best practices guides for more autonomous marketing, and web design and implementation through Wordpress.