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Derby Identity

What started out as a concept for the Kentucky Derby Festival poster turned into a printed poster, identity system, and apparel that celebrates favorite parts of the Kentucky Derby. I created designs and partnered with production vendors to bring products to life. I created a business plan and packaging system for display, and I'm currently selling the products on Etsy. Check them out!

See my process

People in Louisville, Kentucky love the Kentucky Derby. To celebrate popular events leading up to the races, I created an illustrated repeating pattern comprised of different icons of the Derby and festivities. This encompassing pattern allows everyone to find their most beloved parts of the Derby represented. The pattern is repeating and can be resized for infinite scale and applications.

I first applied the pattern to a poster design. I then worked with a local print shop to bring the poster to life. Thinking about popular Derby apparel, I collaborated with wholesale production vendors to create bow ties and pocket squares with the pattern.