Kentucky Performing Arts is the umbrella organization for the performing arts in Louisville, Kentucky. Historically, the brand was centered around one of its iconic buildings, which aged the organization. VIA Studio rebranded Kentucky Performing Arts (KPA) from the ground up, including brand strategy, naming, identity,  and collateral development.

Awards: 2019 AIGA Louisville Award

Images used with permission | © VIA Studio


Brand Strategy, Identity, Collateral, Web Design & Development


Identity and Collateral, Web Collaboration



The stage curtains graphic is placed on elevator doors so they 'open up' when attendees enter the venue.

Ticket stubs showcase the new brand while keeping relevant information on the part of the stub that's kept by attendees.

The brand concept we developed highlights the impact that KPA has both as an organization but also for its show attendees. We carried the 'moments of impact' concept throughout the brand. The logo both shows this energy while also representing stage curtains. We carried the stage curtains throughout the brand, from business cards to environmental graphics. 

For me, a key opportunity of the KPA brand was experiential design. I made sure to not only update existing collateral with the new brand, but restructure how people interact with it at all touchpoints. From more intuitive ticket layouts to delightful environmental graphics, I carried human centered design throughout.

The e-tickets prioritize relevant information for show attendees 'above the fold'. 

One of the headlines we developed is taken literally on exterior elevator doors. 

A glitching text animation communicates a broken link in a delightful way.