New in NuLu Guidebook






Zine, Illustration, Production

To help introduce a new out of town coworker to the area, I worked with VIA Studio’s Associate Creative Director to design and produce a zine style guidebook about VIA’s neighborhood. 

Images used with permission | © VIA Studio

We decided a zine style guidebook would be a fun, unique way to show off the neighborhood. We sent out a survey to our coworkers to gather content about their favorite things about NuLu (new Louisville). I came up with the fold and designed the layout accordingly.

We created custom illustrations and hand-written notes to help the guide feel personal. The illustrations also live separately on the back, which can turn into a poster. We printed a batch of the guidebooks in house and scattered them around the neighborhood, and even at the Louisville music festival, Forecastle.

© 2020 Ann Wood