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Conceptualization, Collaboration, Web Design

Historically,​ VIA Studio had been using PDFs as brand guides, accompanying links to cloud storage to house assets. Wanting to make sure our brands were represented in the best and most efficient way, I developed the idea for our team to create our own online brand guide template that we could customize per client. This would allow the brand assets to be housed alongside the strategy, which would allow for more clarity and purposeful execution.

Images used with permission | © VIA Studio

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I collaborated with the development team at VIA Studio to create components that could be changed per client. A login page allows clients and vendors to gain access to documents and assets. The template establishes function above form with a minimal design. Color can be customized per client to help each guide feel personalized, as shown with the Kentucky Performing Arts brand.

With an online brand guide, brands are accessible and can be easily updated with strategy and purpose clearly defined. The strategy and identity live together, which allows for more accurate, purposeful execution.

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