Cody Clark Magic​

Old Brand

– Cluttered, overwhelming layouts

– Designs appear frivolous

– Content fights for attention

– No clear, unified message

Initial logo concepts

Identity Attributes

– Professional

– Personable

– Bold

– Accessible

– Unique

– Contemporary

– Joyful

– Welcoming

Identity Inspiration

Color Palette


- Autism Speaks organization's primary color

- Promotes awareness and acceptance for those with autism and advocates


- Represents caretakers of those with autism


Josefin Sans

– Geometric sans serif ties in with the logo

– Available on Google fonts for web use

Open Sans

– Universal, legible typeface

– Available on Google fonts for web use


Website goals

- Functionality

- Clear hierarchy

- Tell Cody's unique story, highlight differentiators

​- Guide people to purchase tickets

See Cody

- Sign up for newsletter CTA, provides up to date schedule

- Public: upcoming shows list + links to purchase

- Private: contact links to book, CTA to explore show varieties


- Brand concept: differentiators

- Background info: provides context and tells Cody's unique story

- Demo reel: provides proof and more information

- Performances description accordion: describes the selected show type

- (added later) Contact button: directs people to inquire to learn more and book shows


- What: name & type of business, ticket purchase CTA

- Why & how: brief intro and differentiators

- Proof: testimonial

- Quick links to other pages 

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