Storytelling Opportunities

Inspired by Ellen Lupton's Design is Storytelling, I envisioned the entire brand story of KPA being told across multiple touchpoints. Ellen illustrated how people move through spaces—both physically and emotionally—and how designers can use these as opportunities to anticipate and direct behavior.


I worked with my Creative Director to create a wayfinding system presentation for the KPA team. I mapped out how people would attend performances and created customer journeys to illustrate experiential opportunities. 

Branded Opportunities Ideas

- Clear garage directional signage

- Elevator/stair signage

- Anticipation building elevator graphics

- Lobby signage

- Lobby branded graphics & patterns

- Branded playbooks

While not every brand opportunity could be utilized because of budget/time restrictions, I brought elements of my comprehensive system to as many touchpoints as possible.

Tickets: opportunities to make information more informative and accessible

Ticket stub priorities:

  1. Organize relevant information using visual hierarchy

  2. Make sure tickets could be printed at box office 

  3. Visually establish new brand

  4. Utilize opportunities for brand awareness


Printed e-tickets are usually printed on standard 8.5" x 11" paper. Through talking with my team, I found that people usually fold their tickets in half, making them easier to carry. I realized this could be an opportunity to prioritize the most important information for show attendees.

Hierarchy organization:

1. Performance Title

2. Location

3. Name and date

—below the fold—

 4. Terms and conditions

5. Donor call out

6. Usher barcode

Restructure 404 Page: frustration to delight

- Clearly communicate error but avoid frustration

- Move customers back on purchase path

- Display attention to detail 

- Insert brand graphics

- Add animation to delight and provide movement


Kentucky Performing Arts

Old Brand

– Logo represented just one of many venues

– Dated, cluttered collateral

– No consistent, unified branding

Environmental Graphics: provide direction and delight

Initial Logo Concepts

1. Kentucky Performing Arts:

My first logo concept incorporated a colon symbol after the name Kentucky Performing Arts. Through this symbol, KPA is always presenting. The colon mark is then carried through a flexible identity system.