Initial logo Ideas

I created initial logo concepts that made use of badges and paint symbols. I wanted the logo to encapsulate the Marcus Paint history.


Marcus Paint

Old Brand

– Dated logo and collateral

– No consistent identity system

– Rich history and UVP's weren't being given justice


Identity Attributes

– Heritage owning

– Legacy leaving

– Authentic

Word Cloud

I lead a word cloud whiteboarding exercise with my design team that helped us group together attributes from our stakeholder notes. We then put together a first round of the Marcus Paint brand pillars. 

New Brand Pillars

After presenting the first round of the brand pillars to the Marcus Paint team, I lead a whiteboard session where they were able to give feedback and refine their pillars.

History inspired logo

I chose to represent the logo in a badge to nod to their history and to be seen as a badge of honor. I added an optional set of interchangeable maker's marks to provide context and relevancy to what material it's placed on. They also provide a stamp of authenticity.

Application Sketches

The maker's marks in the identity can also be applied to collateral. They can be layered on top of any materials to provide historic character.

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