I created steel succulent containers inspired by my favorite bar in London. The bar was atop of a skyscraper that had a clear ceiling supported by a thick metal grid. I carried this unique juxtaposition through product design and an identity system. The products tell a unique story of London and give people a sense of pride about the incredible city.


Product design, Identity



Patterns on the outside of the containers were inspired by symbols of London. I cut the containers out of steel at the FirstBuild microfactory. Clear acrylic allows the patterns to be the highlight of the products.

I created a brand identity and storefront for Steelgarden. The store uses elements from the identity to bring the brand to life. Environmental graphics, print, and packaging work together to tell the story of Steelgarden.

Environmental graphics would use elements from the identity while guiding people to the store.

Magnetic labels would attach to the products.

A frosted envelope would allow what's underneath to show through—similar to the containers themselves.